We are looking for video allrounders or specialists interested in art and music helping us bring a video project to the internet and who is looking to work with likeminded, motivated colleagues at our Vienna office.

Video Allrounder (m/w/d)


  • preparing a studio for a shoot in a smart way
  • camera setup + capturing the action
  • setting lights and making sure people look good on screen
  • sound capturing set up + recording
  • studio tec support and monitoring during the recording of the show
  • editing on DaVinci


Conchita Wurst will watch videos and comment on them with a friend. We capture what they have to say and turn everything into an entertaining online-video format that will be shown on YouTube (short highlights) as well as on our OTT SVOD channel in longer version.


  • preparing, producing and editing a season’s worth of video content
  • let us know if you’re good in camera work, sound capturing, editing, or if you’re a tec wiz – you don’t have to cover all areas, we’re looking for matching 4 people into one team
  • preparing the project beginning in march
  • capturing a full season in one single day (mid-march, yes we can do that!)
  • editing the videos we’ve captured into 8-9 pre-defined episodes
  • Canon DSLR experience a plus
  • Blackmagic ATEM Mini (Pro or ISO) experience a plus
  • work hours in total approx 32 – 40, all during March 2022
  • compulsory Covid19 test incl. documented results every time you come to our studios or office
  • adiminstration
  • documention


You should be a tolerant and open minded, respectful, passionate and conscientious human full of ideas, while being discreet and loyal, and knowing how to convey your ideas and channel your creativity. You’ll need to be a digital native, hands-on, stress restistant, friendly, flexible yet precise, fast-paced, and able to work on specs and on deadlines. No bullshit, full transparency.


  • Internship possible for a duration of one month – please get in touch for your specific requirements, self-evidently you will get financial compensation (no worries, we don’t need anyone preparing coffee for us!)
  • If employment: Honorarnote 500netto + taxes or part-time employment for one month (9hrs/week, geringfügige Anstellung, 475/month), negotiable depending on your experience and assets
  • same conditions apply for internships
  • Internship (great if you’re student or looking for a side hustle)
  • Immersion in our team
  • centrally located Vienna office
  • Free coffee, tea and snacks, sometimes Champagne and beer, too


  • send your application (german/english) with work examples and your CV to jobs [at] conchitawurst [dot] com
  • provide us with details about your content production experience
  • most of our staff started with a single project which gave us time to find out if we match. then we signed longer contracts.


Maximum file size: 200 MB.


We’re a Vienna based brand management and media production company co-founded by Eurovision Winner Conchita Wurst, producing, promoting and marketing contents for Tom Neuwirth a.k.a. Conchita Wurst.